I-O was created to be a uniquely diversified communications company that specializes in ones organizations promotion, marketing, sales, communications, advertising... In reality, it has limitless possibilities! People ask me to explain what we do, I truly have no easy answer to this question, I ask that they just take a few minutes and review our site.

In short, I-O has created a "niche" market for organizations like yours clients to create, privately brand and sell fully personalized cellphones with a supporting social networking website privately branded by your client (as similar to MySpace, HI-5, etc.). I told you it is not easy to explain, there are just to many questions about our product, services and we can do for your client, you and your organization.

I assure you that in less than 10 minutes of your time in reviewing our company website, you would realize the limitless possibilities that I-O can create with you for your clients and organization.