I consider myself to be a businessman by day, dad and husband by night. I started running several years ago and just recently got triathlon hooked. I completed my first sprint event at the Chicago 2012 Life Time Triathlon with a time of 1:50:03 and look forward to many more to come.

As I considered my first triathlon I couldn’t find a good source for a beginner like myself and could only find bits and pieces from all over the web.  This site is dedicated to sharing my findings on equipment, training, health topics, events, and experiences as I continue with my triathlon career.

Why try a triathlon?

I really had no interest in or knowledge of triathlons until I participated as a team in the Pigman 2012 Sprint Triathlon (http://pigmantri.com/).  The decision to enter the Pigman was decided over a few cocktails in late 2011 with a couple of good friends.  At first we had all signed up individually but as race day approached we quickly decided that we really hadn’t trained or done anything that would make us think we could finish separately, so last minute we decided to combine forces and participate as a team.

While attending the Pigman I was amazed at all the people that were signed up.  I was even more amazed at the age, perceived shape, and size of what seemed like a majority of the participants.  The atmosphere was incredible and I instantly found an excitement and competitive desire to see if I could finish a triathlon by myself.  This started my journey into triathlons.  I hope you find www.iowatribob.com useful and wish you the best of luck on your first or continued triathlon experiences.