iPinion is the leading solution suite for smartphone surveys for the professional market research industry. iPinion's enterprise grade surveys run on all major OS platforms. iPinion is available as a freely downloadable native app for iOS, Android and Blackberry. From June 2011, iPinion will be available as Web app that runs on smartphone as well as desktop browsers without the need to download an app. iPinion's native and Web apps complement each other in addressing varied market research data collection needs.

With a powerful technology design, iPinion has pioneered a variety of data collection techniques via smartphones and tablets that go far beyond replicating the quantitative survey capabilities from large screen to small screen. With offline surveys, location based surveys, Web and app usage behavior tracking including our powerful Image Interaction Suite featuring our Concept Canvas, Concept Heatmap, and Opinion Wheel, iPinion one of the most sophisticated survey tools built for smartphones.

With iPinion, you can go beyond quant with smartphones and tablets. Schedule a call with us today and we'll walk you through the magical experience.