IPOP Press, Inc is a publishing house with a goal, "To be the catalyst in positive global change." Through radio, television, and publishings IPOP Press reaches millions to share such works as "Secrets 2 Debt Relief", an 11-book series by the author Patrick O'Brien.

IPOP Press carries forward a mission to disrupt the markets of greed, mal-intent, and "negative industries" aimed at keeping individuals in a state of despair (i.e. the debt industry). In addition, IPOP Press has a mission to support a number of charities and cancer research centers.

As Executive Vice President and Co-Publisher Rory Lovern says "The idea that one person can no longer make a difference, is a false idea placed in our heads by corrupt markets. One idea can change the very fabric of humanity's future. Through publishing, we are able to reach a worldwide audience and communicate our message or hope, positivity, and pragmatic steps to changing people's lives."