iRiS Software Systems have developed the hotel and cruise line worlds' most innovative, in room, guest services application displayed on an iPad. The Guest Valet is designed to increase revenue, cut costs, be sustainably friendly and provide an outstanding, in room, guest service and technology. Hotels and cruise lines can interact, promote, update everything instantly. Multi-lingual, this removes communication barriers and with everything KPI'd, this also works as a very smart marketing tool. Increases in room service orders, in-house restaurant bookings, spa treamtents and tours is considerable, and measurable.

It is also available as a Mobile App allowing guests to download onto their own tablet or smart-phone.

iRiS Software Systems also lead the field in Sommelier and Menu applications, embracing tablet technology and enabling restaurants to display their wine menus and food menus in a truly impressive manner, and bring them to life. This enables them to cut printing costs, waste, and time taken to update the current menus. All leading to increased sales f food and wine.

The iRiS team brings together expertise from the ICT, Digital Marketing and Hospitality Sectors. Harnessing experience in product development, finance, creative design, technical support and vertical expertise, iRiS accumulates generations of service knowledge and integrates this with cutting edge technology to deliver true innovation in hospitality experience delivery. Following on from our first generation application and hardware the company has taken advantage of the rapid pace of change in mobile technology and Wi-Fi internet penetration, to introduce the iRiS iPad enterprise application