ISAR Bioscience GmbH (ISAR: Institute for Stem Cell & Applied Regenerative Medicine Research) overcomes current limitations of stem cell research to advance discovery of novel therapeutics and industrial biotechnology solutions and products. ISAR uses human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) and genome engineering technologies to build the next generation of disease models for drug discovery and regenerative medicine as well as cellular models that emulate the human senses. As progressive translational research hub, ISAR forges strategic partnerships with industry partners to immediately translate academic achievements and ideas into industrial solutions and products under one roof.
ISAR was founded in 2018 by scientists, drug discovery professionals, and science entrepreneurs who share the passion that immediate translation of scientific discoveries offers an unprecedented opportunity to discover and develop effective pharmaceutical therapeutics as well as industrial biotechnology products and at the same time enhance economic productivity of knowledge societies.
ISAR attracted an initial 20 Mio € funding from the Bavarian Ministry
of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.