iSing2Win is a not-for-profit organisation part funded by The National Lottery and is intended

•     To provide workshops that are easily accessible to disadvantaged groups .
•     To promote and use singing as a constructive outlet for personal, mental and social development
•     To overcome psychological barriers to singing and performance
•     To stage public events that promote creative singing and vocal performance.
•     To mentor and train Vocal Coaches who can deliver the iSing2Win Masterclasses and community workshops.
•     To hold fund raising concerts, the proceeds of which will help subsidise future workshops


For iSing2Win
Dionne Shand  e-mail : dionne_shand@yahoo.co.uk     Tel: 07733 534 529    

For Ultimedia PR
Colin Caldicott  e-mail: colin@ultimediapr.co.uk  Tel: 0844 441 2130