Ignita Veritas University (IVU) is a Non-Profit United Nations (UN) registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) institution.  It is a licensed university educational institution, and is licensed to operate a Court of international justice having jurisdiction over matters of international law.

The central theme that unifies all IVU programs and departments is “legal aspects of multinational geopolitical and economic security under the rule of law”, with strong emphasis on human rights and international law.

Under both its licensed authority from a Ministry of Justice and also statutory authority of international law, IVU serves as the host NGO institution for the autonomous Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ).

Under its licensed authority from a Ministry of Education, IVU operates the autonomous Royal Institute of Law and Social Justice, and the Royal Institute of History and World Heritage.

In the educational sector, IVU serves as an accrediting agency and university-level academic institution, upholding standards and promoting advancements in academia, in cooperation with accredited universities and prestigious academic institutions.

Ignita Veritas University (IVU) is a registered Non-Profit organization, granted international Tax Exempt status by a relevant Ministry of Taxation and also the Ministry of Finance of a sovereign nation-state. All donations to the various non-profit activities of ISIS are generally universally “tax deductible” by international standards.