IsisMas provides carnival experience packages for participation at carnivals throughout the UK, especially Notting Hill Carnival. Our packages includes your complete costume  with elaborate headpiece and hospitality for a totally all-inclusive experience.

The IsisMas movement began in 1993, and from its inception, IsisMas has continues to be a dominant cultural avenue for expression... for families, the youth and the young at heart!

IsisMas was born when mix master DJ Willi B...the resident DJ for Misty Carnival Club, decided to take the carnival experience to another level. He enlisted friends... Glen Jeremiah, Sally Mitchell, Paul Williams, Kwame (fitness) and Stephen Marshall and the journey began...The first theme was Smile when it Hurts. The first recorded collaboration between beautiful soca music and fitness.

Since then, there's been many great developments, challenges and changes over the years, however the IsisMas movement keeps progressing, bringing spectacular carnival experiences to you...!!!!

Today, IsisMas is a seriously fantastic carnival experience, don't take our word for it, check us out...visit the mas camp...and once you're happy, come join in...!!!