Information Strategies Key Intangible Value (i.S.k.i.v.) Limited is an Internet and information consulting team with a long track record of real-life and effective solutions. We offer consulting, training and internet services. Our clients take advantage of our turnkey web design service, all-inclusive from project to start. We address an endless variety of use cases: retail store, service-rich intranet portal, public information, artist, consultant, theatre, publisher,  intangible products...

Our unconventional approach of Content and e-Business Strategy helps create value for the customers and visitors alike, a key to marketing a web business. We highlight the business originality and know-how to establish its web presence. and adopt the appropriate marketing approach. The real challenge of online business is to value its assets and develop a smart e-business solution.

The services we offer include creative marketing, BtoB and BtoC marketing, as well as optimization and audit.

https://www.iskiv.net/ Design and e-Business, also offers information and resources.