Most people exercise to achieve a well toned body, increasing muscle mass and to look and feel healthy. Some want to improve balance, strength and increase endurance as well.  Whatever the reason, there are different exercise routines that aim at developing specific parts of the body. For example, pilates and yoga improve balance, flexibility and muscular control. Aerobic workouts such as running and biking help to activate the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.  Weight training focuses on building muscle mass and toning the body. Exercise in general is beneficial for the entire body, mind and spirit.  It helps keep our lives in balance and provides an overall sense of well being.

Exercise is the key to achieving optimal health and remaining fit.  A daily routine that involves free weight training and some sort of cardiovascular training a is enough to keep the body systems functioning well and healthy.  Being fit involves the use of different components of the body which include the muscles, lungs, cardiovascular and skeletal system among others.  And of course, your diet plays a huge role in your overall success.

The benefits of exercise are too vast to list.  For example, vigorous physical activity causes the heart muscles to work harder, leading to increased blood flow which helps circulate oxygen to the tissues.  This will also help to eliminate waste products from the body.  When we inhale deeply, we draw in extra oxygen that helps power the heart and tissues of the body. When we exhale, we rid the body of carbon monoxide, a waste product within the body.  Exercise helps prevent overweight and obesity issues. It also helps to increase the HDL (good cholesterol) levels in the body.  And so much more!

So what are you waiting for?  Start your exercise program today and begin your journey to a long, healthy and balanced life.

About Maggie, founder of IslandBody Fitness - In late 1986 Maggie began teaching step aerobics on a part time basis at a small fitness studio in Boston, MA. As her confidence level grew and class participation increased, so did her love for teaching fitness. While working in a corporate environment, raising a family and teaching part time, overall health and wellness became the balance factor in her life. She continued her fitness education and certification process, began competitive bodybuilding, and in 1995 launched her career as a leader in the fitness industry by developing IslandBody Fitness. IslandBody Fitness provides years of experience in teaching, training and nutrition consulting, offering you the best opportunity to reach your goals. We  offer personal training - at our facility, at our Naples MMA studio (must be a member, PT rates discounted) in your home or on the beach if you like - all types of fitness classes, sport specific training, yoga practice, nutrition guidance and "executive fitness programs" so you can take your training with you during your busier work and travel times.