iSmartRecruit - Up and running now with GDPR upgrades

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major regulation in Europe region on data protection and privacy law for all individuals within the Europe region. On May 25th, all recruiting and staffing companies within the Europe region, doing business with Europe companies must have systems in place to comply with GDPR law.
Especially for recruiting and staffing companies it is a bit challenging situation as they dealt with huge data of individuals. It is mandatory for them to have a system which can help them to comply with the GDPR law.

As we already have many customers and prospects in various regions of Europe, we took it very sincerely and implemented various changes across the system which helps recruiters to manage their compliance audits and keep their operations compliant with the law.

-- Highlight of Changes in System --

We have implemented changes throughout the system to ensure our valued customers that our system is fully ready to handle GDPR compliance.

Here are some ways iSmartRecruit  is making its customer GDPR ready

1. System Configuration - GDRP Compliance Setting
As a part of system configuration, we added a setting for GDPR Compliance. The recruiter can enable this setting and system will take care of necessary information and actions which are necessary for GDPR Compliance like consent management, right to withdraw etc.

2. Applicant & Job Seeker - Terms & Conditions
Recruitment agency or direct employer can frame the best terms & conditions for the applicant in the system. Whenever any applicant submits the profile then the applicant has to accept the terms and conditions which recruiter has configured in the system. Our recommendation is to add all the legal terms with respect to GDRP over here hence you can take default consent from the applicant.

3. Additional attributes of Candidate Information
The system is going to capture following additional information with respect to a candidate if GDPR  setting is enabled.
- Date on which consent was issued by the applicant
- Date on which consent will be expired
- Date on which last consent request sent

4. Candidate Consent Status
The system will display a status of consent in Candidate Search screen. The status could have one of following value.
- Consent Expired
- Consent Issued
- Consent Requested
It helps recruiter to know what is the status of the candidate before processing it for a particular job.

5. Candidate Search
We have added criteria in the system to filter candidates which are with the consent and without/expired consent. A recruiter can do necessary emailing to candidates whose consent has been already expired or not taken yet. It is very helpful to keep your candidate consent organized.

6. Candidate Information Dialogue
In the candidate information dialogue, the system is now showing a status of consent. Like mentioned earlier, this feature also helps recruiter to know about consent.

7. Record Audit Trail Information
When candidate approves the consent request, a system is going to store the IP address, browser, country etc. of the candidate as audit trail information. This information will not be displayed anywhere in the system but it will be available on request to support. This feature we have not yet implemented but planning to have it quickly.

8. Candidate Access
In the new system, a candidate can access the information pertaining to him and executed following operations which were mentioned under GDPR.
- Right to be forgotten
- Right to change the information
- Right of access
- Right to move data

9. Dashboard
We have added a new widget to the dashboard which gives you a complete overview of candidate consent status. The widget will have following information.
- Count of Candidates with Consent
- Count of Candidates with Expired Consent
- Count of Candidates without Consent
- Count of Candidates with Pending Consent

iSmartRecruit Terms & Privacy Policy
We have updated our terms of use and privacy policy to fully comply with the GDPR terms.

If you have any question or query regarding the content you can email us at support@ismartrecruit.com. For more information visit our site http://www.ismartrecruit.com

We would be happy to help and our suggestions are more than welcome.