The iSolar Exchange marketplace was founded to enable buyers and sellers of solar and renewable energy products and services to come together in an online environment where they have access to a global marketplace. Our objective is to move the solar and renewable industry purchasing cycle online, where transactions can happen instantaneously, with far better financial results for both buyers and sellers.

iSolar Exchange is an open supply channel. All members can participate and engage with channel members up or down the supply chain. iSolar Exchange offers a number of buying and selling options including the ability to create public or private trading events.  Private trading events feature the ability for buyers or sellers to create their own private business network exchange.

iSolar Exchange consists of three different but related marketplaces:

Standard Auctions
The Standard Auction marketplace is a basic forward auction environment for selling anything via the auction process to the highest bidder. The Standard Auctions is based on the eBay Auction model and has all the same features. We use PayPal for secure credit card & check transactions. We use the same Capital Finance & Leasing and Escrow Services as eBay. Use the Standard Auction Portal to sell materials, products, equipment, services to the highest bidder. More...

RFP / Procurement
The Procurement / RFP (Request for Proposal) marketplace is designed to allow buyers to obtain multiple quotes from numerous qualified vendors and provides sellers the opportunity to submit prices on new business opportunities. The Procurement Module is a fast and effective method for online purchases of solar and renewable energy products, raw materials, and production and installation equipment and contractor installation services.

Buyers and Suppliers have two different systems for buying & selling, "Competitive Sealed Bid" or the "Reverse Auction". The Buyer can publish zipped PDF and graphic files for contract documents, boilerplate, specifications, plans, details and photos for suppliers/providers to download and review. Buyers and Suppliers can communicate via a "Private Forum". Buyers can post the RFP for a pre-bid review period, and start bidding at a specified date and time. Buyers then specify the bid closing date and time and modify the time before bidding starts. More...

The Classifieds marketplace is free for all registered iSolarExchange users. Whether you are a consumer or business recruiting or seeking solar- and renewable-related job opportunties, buying or selling parts and equipment or services; the Classifieds make it easy to expand your options to a larger marketplace. More...

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