ISQT Process & Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. (ISQT), with idiom Value First, is a Bangalore (India) based Consulting & High-end Training company. ISQT focuses on providing training and consulting in domains that include CMMI based Process Improvement, Project Management, Test Management, Soft Skills and Leadership Development.

ISQT is a value-based, vision-driven, mission-focused Consulting & High-end Training company which has roots in a systemic & holistic view and a client-centric approach. ISQT uses its innovative framework to ensure software processes for business value and innovation. ISQT’s Service suite facilitates organizations and individuals to be globally competitive.

ISQT Consultants, Assessors and Faculty are highly qualified and have an extensive experience in Consulting, Training and Implementing Quality and Testing Systems in leading organizations across India, USA, Australia, China, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and Panama.

For details, Visit: www.isqtinternational.com