Integrated Standard Solutions (ISS) ultimate goal is to become a one stop shop in providing solutions to problems facing organizations or improvement on their performance, its goal is to provide a full fledged technical solution.
Knowledge of products and how they can add value to customers is ISS’s number one strength factor.
The company’s sales strategy is to provide its customers with the optimal and best solution; its ultimate goal is to become the customer’s advisor rather than supplier.
ISS serves its costumers by being divided into the following two main Business Units:
•     ISS trading
•     ISS solutions
These business units are backed up by a very strong and capable financial and logistical team which uses most up to date systems and gets the best professional training in that area.
ISS experience came directly from the market interaction and the direct relationship with its customers and Venders.
The company’s strong experience backed up with its vision and insight is its enabler to provide the customers with the right direction that will allow them to take a leading position in their own business.