Sticker platform and mobile app is owned by Singapore-based company iSticker Pte. Limited. The company was founded by Chetan K. Singh, a seasoned designer, in 2011. He incorporated this company to take up interior architecture projects in Singapore and South East Asia. When he invented the iSticker platform in January 2017, he launched it through iSticker Pte. Limited, Singapore for the global market. He also incorporated iSticker Private Limited in Gurgaon, India to offer iSticker services to the Indian market.
iSticker is an invention, a first cloud platform and mobile app in the market catering to home owners and all professionals and sellers in the Architecture & Design industry. It solves the industry’s perpetual problem of time loss, which is primarily responsible for increased projects costs and lower profitability.

While project owners, architect and designers use iSticker to accelerate the speed and efficiency of projects, sellers get to promote their products globally.