At iStream Jobs we provide an innovative and efficient platform that benefits both employers and job seekers. Our solution leverages technology in new ways and offers a simple and cost effective solution that spans digital and electronic media Traditional methods of job search using recruiters, online job sites have been found to be less effective as they are either time consuming or expensive. iStream Jobs addresses this problem with a first of its kind FREE iStream Jobs app which is a blend of streaming radio and interactive application with user friendly features.

Our array of internet radio channels will broadcast job opportunities in local and regional areas. This technique significantly increases the possibility of reaching the target audience for a given job opportunity efficiently and at a very low cost. You can get access to information on jobs by category, region, specialties etc.
The iStream Jobs App is being designed with many features that make it intuitive to use yet offers comprehensive and structured information to the job seeker. For example, a job seeker is listening to a streaming job announcement in the iStream Jobs App and he is interested in obtaining more information on that particular job. All he has to do is press the "Request" button in the APP and almost instantly he will receive the audio and text file of all the details of the job opportunity