iSurveyor.com Promotional Offer. Free £50 Membership and a completely free customer introductory service until 1st January 2012.

iSurveyor.com introduces customers with a property need, to Chartered Surveyors and Conveyancers like you. iSurveyor.com is essential for busy Chartered Surveyors and Conveyancers who want to concentrate on their own professional expertise. Let us assist you in your business development, capturing new leads and increasing your customer base. We can do this either as your primary online marketing presence, or in conjunction with your own online advertising strategy.
Customers who visit our site are looking for skills including;  
• Planning Advice                         • Architectural Design
• Structural Survey                      • Building Regulations
• Agency Sales / Lettings            • Property Cad Plans
• Boundary Dispute                      • Fast Property Sale
• Building Survey                         • DEC Public Building
• Commercial-Property Management          • Energy-Performance Certificate
• Expert Witness                          • EPC Commercial
• Home Buyers Report                 • EPC Residential Landlord
• Lease Renewal                         • Home Condition Survey
• Party Wall Act                           • Residential Lease Extension
• Rating                                       • Carbon Management
• Rent Reviews                           • Green Energy Consultation
• Schedule of Condition               • Solar Panel Installations
• Schedule of Dilapidations          • Sustainable Construction
• Valuation Survey                        • Asbestos Removal
• Commercial Property Valuation
Our standard membership fee is a one off payment of £50. The cost per lead is £2. Each lead will include the contact details of the potential customer as well as the property skill they are looking for.  Until 1st January 2012, THE £50 MEMBERSHIP AND ANY LEAD FEES WILL BE WAIVED. So the faster you sign up, the more free leads you are likely to get.  THERE IS NO CONTRACT PERIOD. So, why are we offering this? Simply,we are a new company and we are proud of the product that we have put together. We firmly believe that once you start using us, the business that the iSurveyor.com creates for your company will mean a long-lasting business relationship between us.  iSurveyor.com has a highly skilled workforce. Within the team there is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, an MSc in Business Information technology,an MSc In Management Studies and an MA in Psychology. It is a strong mix of skills that we think put iSurveyor.com at the forefront of website marketing and online customer lead creation.  iSurveyor.com offers the ability to match the customer with the RIGHT property expert and Conveyancer with the RIGHT skills in the RIGHT location. In registering with us you can choose the skills that you provide, and designate your locations. This allows you to pinpoint the customers that you are looking to attract. The site uses Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media to attract organic website hits. This is supplemented by further keyword advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as direct marketing both on and off-line.  To take advantage of our offer, just visit www.isurveyor.com/ and register. With no fees until January 2012, and no hidden costs, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If you have further questions, contact us at help@isurveyor.com