Insurance Services of the West, LLC was created exclusively for Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company AIDCO Agents!

ISW associates/affiliates are local independent business owners and neighbors…they share an interest in the community where they live, understand the benefits and challenges of living in their locale and are highly involved in their community. Local independent ownership allows them to provide the highest level of personal service, deliver the insurance market's best value through the strength and resources of the ISW network and effectively solve insurance problems, such as selection, price, coverage, billing, claims settlements, security and peace of mind.

Insurance Services of the West, LLC associates/affiliates are committed to continually delivering the finest insurance products, services and protection available to all customers. They strive to maintain New Business Growth more than 5%, Client Retention Rates more than 85% and Loss Ratios 50% or less on Personal Lines Business and 40% on less on Commercial Lines Business. This demonstrates the strength of client selection, product design, the viability of the ISW marketing strategy and current and future commitment to all Customers/Clients and the Insurance Companies represented, while creating a stable and consistent stream of income for Associate/Affiliate agencies.

Insurance Services of the West, LLC is currently associating/affiliating AIDCO agents and agencies in the in the West, Southwest and Mid-West Regions of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

Insurance Services of the West, LLC is located at 1405 SW 14th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201. Our agency is easy to find and there's always plenty of free parking available for clients.

We're committed to providing great insurance rates and protection to our local community and beyond. If you're not thrilled with the rates or customer service of your insurance agency, give us a call today at (425) 681-0996​.