Michele Sanvico is a freelance writer committed to high-quality storytelling. He writes novels and nonfiction, both featuring an elegant, refined writing style. His works range from literary novels on Italian legendary traditions to nonfictional books backed by deep historical research. He speaks to audiences presenting peformance readings on his books. He developed the website "A Guide to Unknown Rome" providing a contemporary Grand Tour experience to tourists visiting Italy and its artistic attractions.

His standpoint is to keep deliberately away from dialogue-driven, short-sentence-based prose as used in popular genre fiction, TV screenplays and action movies, all of which deemed unfit to convey truly artistic, emotional, vivid artistic content.

Michele Sanvico appeared on an Italian TV national broadcast channel with his book on the legend of the Sibyl. He also entertains fascinated audiences delivering a special presentation on the topic.

His most known novel is "The Eleventh Sibyl", a literary novel which recounts the ancient and gloomy legend of Mount Sibyl in central Italy, once the point of attraction for Grand Tour visitors coming from all over Europe, in search of the mountain-top cave where the Apennine Sibyl was known to dwell, with her treasures and malign appeal.