Innovative TeleSolutions with it's partner Star2Star Communications, is bringing Business class digital phone service to small and medium size businesses througout the United States. With our end to end monitoring and 6 way backup, we are able to offer a 99.9% reliability guarentee that is unheard of in the industry. We are able to offer this end to end solution because Star2Star built the entire system from the ground up and in doing so was able to overcome the shortcomings of other companys hosted solutions. Since we built the system with end to end monitoring we can instantly reroute calls through better, less congested paths without the user even noticing! We are also able to offer proactive customer care. If there is ever a situation where a system critical point is reached, we contact you! No longer do small and medium sized businessees have to settle for less from the traditional phone companies or a hosted VoIP solution. innovative TeleSolutions and Star2Star offer the quality savings and reliability that no one else can! Contact us for a free cost savings quote!