About itiba, LLC: Premier manufacturer (wholesale and retail) of Caribbean skincare products located in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. itiba, LLC has been producing fine, skincare products since 2009 and has received rave reviews and praises from customers throughout the US and the Virgin Islands. All fragrances, except Papaya, have been specifically created for use exclusively by Yoki K Hanley for use in the itiba, LLC skincare lines. Ms. Hanley has been creating Caribbean skincare products for ten years. itiba, LLC does custom product development and private label. itiba, LLC can also develop customer branded cosmetics, amenities for hotels, resorts and bed & breakfasts. itiba, LLC believes in giving back to the community and supports organizations that help to empower our children and citizens to be better stewards of our community. All products are handmade in the Caribbean by Yoki K Hanley.  Contact Yoki K Hanley at contactus@itibabeauty.com for more information