To keep Canadian roads and streets safe, legislation is enacted to reduce distracted driving and accidents through the elimination of unsafe Smartphone use and related distractions like texting, browsing, surfing, inbound/outbound calling, emailing etc. when driving. Corporations that have Distracted or Safe Driving policies, unfortunately, do not have the facility nor capacity to enforce, monitor nor manage driver compliance. Studies show that greater than 50% of drivers, still text while driving.

Companies are taking a closer look at preventative technology solutions to eliminate corporate distracted driving. Beyond potential costs, fines and accidents, in the eyes of some companies, it is simply a matter of public safety, reputation and accident avoidance.

FleetSafer by ZoomSafer, is a true, robust solution for reducing accidents of sales, technical/service, contractor, engineering fleet drivers, corporate drivers, and management. FleetSafer offers significant savings and benefits to include maintaining a commitment to community and staff wellness & safety, corporate image and reputation, insurance costs, liabilities and risks. Most, just 'trust' their driving staff to be compliant, some with significant disciplinary outcomes for noncompliance, if caught. The time of day does not make a difference, if there is an accident whilst driving a company or personal vehicle, day or night or what the conversation was, company phone or not, the company could be culpable.

FleetSafer is web downloadable Smartphone application, not a separate device, that is automatically activated when you start to drive using numerous triggers, such as Smartphone GPS (movement at 20 kmph), Bluetooth, Telematics, OBDII or it can be manually activated. When activated, FleetSafer puts your phone into 'safe drive mode' and applies a series of custom policies and locks down the Blackberry keyboard and screen. Based on policy set up, the driver is totally restricted from texting, browsing, surfing, inbound/outbound calling, viewing as well as sending emails until the vehicle is turned off. The policies are fully customizable and are designed to modify motorist behaviour so you can restrict and protect your employees from the dangers of distracted driving. A courteous message is automatically sent to the sender of an email, SMS message or incoming call. The application remains activated at traffic lights, stop signs and periods of idling, until the engine or Bluetooth is turned off.

Key differentiators are Management Control and Reports on individual and fleet Smartphone use, tampering and compliance on a 24/7 basis and at no additional cost.  From these confidential  reports, determine a course of action for non compliant drivers as well as use the information in the event of an accident. Based on policy settings, only Bluetooth connectivity is available handsfree thru the speaker and always 911. The FleetSafer application is developed for Blackberry BES to manage policies or straight corporate/enterprise policies and through the cloud-based Administrator Portal. Android will be this quarter.This is not a GPS tracking application to monitor and report Smartphone use.  
MobileSafer – for Mobile Business Professionals. Web download and it works – Bluetooth trigger only – can make/receive hands-free calls and manage auto-replies directly on the device (ITI offers a special Bluetooth Token Charger Adaptor) and avoid a full download of contacts.
TeenSafer – Prevents teens from texting or emailing while driving – yet enables them to stay connected by sending customized messages on their behalf, to let their friends know that they are driving and will get back to them when they are done – all without taking their eyes off the road or their hands-off the wheel.
VoiceMate -- Beyond traditional hands-free calling, VoiceMate is a safe, legal and hands-free way to send and receive text messages and emails while driving. The service alerts you when a new message is waiting. With a single touch, you can access the VoiceMate service to listen to your text & email messages read aloud. You can even use your voice to respond to your text or email messages.

For more information, white papers and videos please visit: www.itiinternational.com  and www.youtube.com/zoomsafer and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QhGqz7pu9k
About Interactive Technologies International
Interactive Technologies International (toronto, Ontario area) is the Canadian Distributor for all ZoomSafer products: FleetSafer (Corporations & Enterprises; MobileSafer (mobile professionals and adults); TeenSafer (teens and youths).  Other services of ITI include assistance in writing Enterprise Safe Driving policies and assisting with compliance to evidential admissibility of electronic document and records system procedures and policy documents for legal admissibility of electronic document technologies. Visit: www.itiinternational.com.