ITM Platform is the solution for project, program and portfolio management, in both distributed and centralized environments requiring the scalability and flexibility of a cloud solution while avoiding substantial investments or long-term commitments.

ITM Platform facilitates effective organization of information and teamwork, guaranteeing the alignment of programs, projects and services with business objectives, promoting communication and collaboration among individuals. Using a scalable cloud platform in SaaS mode, ITM Platform provides any type of organization with a flexible solution that is simple to implement and deploy.

ITM Platform is the best SaaS solution for functionality, scalability, low risk and flexibility and the only option on price.
ITM Platform will immediately allow you to coordinate your team, plan projects, manage services, perform monitoring, establish priorities and, in short, increase your productivity through a solution that is effectively implemented following a brief training and configuration session.

ITM Platform offers the most practical and powerful project management solution. Besides being an intuitive project management software, it offers portfolio, projects, programs, services and resources management. ITM Platform is 100% scalable, which enables organizations to manage projects, tasks and staff as needed. Portfolio management and strategic planning integrates naturally with the daily operations of project management and online services, offering an effective mechanism to control the planning and implementation of projects. It is the best solution for managing online projects; for performance, usability, scalability and the only option on price.