Designed for small centers, iTMS contains all the database functionality needed for environments that are predominantly outbound calling. Capable of operating with between 1 and 200+ users the system can be scaled with large amounts of data and users. The calling process can be as simple or as complex as
Everything is designed with usability as central to the entire system, that includes creating new databases, creating scripts and surveys, creating your own reports, and importing and exporting.
No technical knowledge is required to do anything but the most complex requirements.
Supplied as a hosted Service, the system tracks all agent activity. In addition to using office based staff, this opens up options for home workers, remote salesperson access and remote activity monitoring.
Since it was designed for outbound calling, the iTMS system handles this task with great efficiency and effectiveness. The system is now supplied with built-in functionality to read and write to the Salesforce.com CRM database.
This means the high volume calling can be done in the dedicated telemarketing system which can then update the CRM system based on various presets.
iTMS has specific functionality for appointment setting. As well as the internal calendar, iTMS can update GoogleCalendar, and, by using Google Sync, MS Outlook or other calendars.
Standard reports include call results, on-call times and call success rates; in addition, the powerful and flexible Report Writer enables you to create your own ad-hoc reports. Agent monitoring and call statistics are the foundation that iTMS is built on.