I Tour Morocco is a local professional registered Morocco travel agency, based in Rissani in Southern Morocco.
I Tour Morocco was founded by two Bedouin Nomad friends who stem from nomadic families based in the desert near Merzouga Oases and having a solid attach and love to the sahara desert and Morocco.

About I Tour Morocco

Our Morocco Travel Agency  can arrange a single day or multi day Morocco tours or trekking in Morocco for individuals or groups of any size. We can take care of as much or as little of your time as you wish.

       Morocco Tours in private 4x4 or minibus
       Trekking in Morocco arrangements
       Camel Trekking, hiking and walking Morocco
       Transport for groups of any size
       All types of accommodations (Hotels, Kasbahs, Riads…)
       Morocco Excursions and day trips
       Desert Camps (Bivouacs)
       All ground arrangements

I Tour Morocco's Philosophy:

   We promise you - you will come as a tourist, but leave as a friend.

Our mission is to offer and advocate authentic travel experience and Morocco tour in a responsible and meaningful way.

By authentic we mean, we as 'NOMADES and BERBERS' we partner with Nomade, Berber and local tour guides and drivers, locally owned and operated hotels, riads, restaurants, and all other venues in our Morocco Tours and travel services. In doing that we not only bring you the most genuine authentic experience, we also support local economies which benefit local communities.
I Tour Morocco Team

We work with an excellent Team of local Morocco tour guides and drivers who stem from Bedouin Nomad and berbere local tribes. They are all anxious that you should enjoy yourself and see how beautiful Morocco is. They are well-versed in the local culture and Morocco traditions and speak Arabic, Berber, French and English.