ITS Canada is dedicated to simplify the intricacies of trucking business.The company has developed path breaking ITS Dispatch Trucking and Freight Broker Software and IFTA Fuel Tax Software. Nowadays, ITS Dispatch has presented several exciting offers.

ITS Dispatch has established itself as a leader in Trucking Software  and more specifically, web based trucking software  applications .. Their products are targeted at smaller carriers with fleets of 5 to 50 trucks and any sized brokerage companies. The strength of their application lies in the web access to all data. No servers or computer upgrades are required and the Dispatch application can be accessed from anywhere that the user has an internet connection . Add to this the fact that the cost for service is based on unlimited users and is a fixed, manageable monthly rate and the application becomes a real solution.

Recently Its Dispatch introduces IFTA fuel tax software.ITS-IFTA has been created as both a new add-on to the existing ITS Dispatch software and also as a Stand-Alone version for those not currently using ITS Dispatch. The strength of the application is in its simple design and we are confident that ITS-IFTA will be the easiest to use and most cost effective IFTA software available.


* Innovative Dispatch Board to view and manage all Active Loads
* Quick Preview function to view load detail basics "On the fly"
* Quickly Duplicate loads, saving time on Data Entry
* Create Loads in advance and have them ready for your drivers
* Quickly Manage all loads from one simple console

*  Set Credit Limits for Customers
* Print Detailed Invoices with One Click!
* Integrated Driver Payroll for payments by the mile, hourly or by percentage
* Easily Export Invoicing data into Quick Books

*View Detailed Reports by Carriers, Drivers or Customers with custom date ranges
* View Detailed Broker or Carrier Statistics (Bar Graphs), on Gross Revenue, Volume, Miles and Percentage

Apart from that, the company is also offering free online demo to any interested trucking company or freight broker. They can submit their request to schedule a free online demo through the ITS Dispatch website.Potential customers were given a one hour group classroom session on "Automating your Business" which was then followed up with more detailed personal demonstration for each respective company.