Possibilities is a training & development organization specializing in Soft Skills & Personality Development. The prime concern of most organizations today is to increase the productivity and retention of their employees. We equip people with the essential soft skills that enhance the efficacy of their existing domain knowledge. We also work on their motivation level to integrate individual and organizational interests. We have an interactive, practice-based approach that fosters adaptation of newly acquired skills. This organization has helped people from varied strata of society ­ corporate executives, professionals, workers and students ­ to improve their personal and professional lives.
We conduct workshops for all levels-entry level employees to senior management.
Some of our popular topics :- Skill Improvement Programmes -Attitude Improvement-Leadership Development

Effective Communication -     Team Building-Coaching and Mentoring-
Corporate Grooming-     Leadership-     Feedback and Counseling-
MS Office Tools-     Emotional Intelligence-Interviewing Skills
Presentation Skills-Fish Philosophy-Goal Setting- Negotiation Skills-     Customer Service-Conflict Resolution-Sales Training-Change Management     Leadership Mindset- Time Management-Stress Management     -Winning Attitude

Image Management - To bring about an overall metamorphosis in a person.

Image management works to create a transformation of a person from within and without. It enables an individual to create a desired self image and also prepares him/her to leave the right impression on people in their personal and professional environment.

SHINE-Personality Development Program.
This is a precursor to Image Management. It helps to work on one’s basics of one’s personality and build up oneself into a well balanced and confident person.

IMPACT-Public Speaking & Communication Training.
For some people speaking in front of people is one of the biggest fears in their lives. Their knees start knocking, hands tremble and they start sweating whenever they have to face an audience. Some forget their lines and wonder what to do with their hands. This program helps them to overcome their fear of public speaking and make an impact on their audience.

The Right Mould
Program for School children
The best time to mould an individual’s personality is right in their formative years when it is still in the process of developing. These early years in school, must be utilised to create a strong foundation to succeed in life. ‘The Right Mould’ is a program that helps to build the right value systems in school students. It develops their personalities and enhances their confidence.

The Right Track
Career Guidance Program
As the basic education finishes and the students need to choose their career path, they are at a juncture where they require specialised help. They need to figure out their own strengths and their career options. "The Right Track" is a career guidance program with objective and subjective tools to identify individual traits in order to guide them to make the right choices for their careers.

The Cutting Edge
Employability improvement Program
When a person is unable to get his dream job despite being well qualified, it builds up frustration within. It is a fact that many students get rejected because they cannot present themselves effectively. Right from writing the CV to facing the interview and participating in group discussion, they stumble at every step. This program helps them overcome these hurdles.

Better Bonds
Program for Effective Parenting
Most of the parents come to a counsellor when they have a problem with their children. If they can understand the needs and desires of their children much before any problem crops up, it will help to create a strong bond among them. This program reduces the gap that is often referred to as the ‘generation gap’.

The Learning Curve
Faculty Development Program
Teachers are one of the most important resources of any educational institute. They also have a huge influence on their students. Considering the responsibilities they carry and the pressures they go through, equipping them and updating them becomes essential for the institute. This is what our program delivers.