itsyBiD.com is the premier Penny Auction site for Travel, Leisure, and Lifestyle auctions.  We work with top hotels, resorts, cruise lines, wineries, chocolatures, airlines, and much more to be the one-stop shopping destination for all of your travel & leisure needs.
Our site works like this:  Users register to the site, then, to bid, they must purchase bids.  Our bids cost $.75 each.
To bid, find an auction item you like, and place a bid.  The sale price of the auction will increase by only a penny at a time for each bid placed.  When the timer nears zero, we will add a few seconds to the clock for each bid placed.  When no bids are places for 12 seconds, the auction ends, and the latest bidder wins the auctions!  
Our winning bidders save an average of 90% off of retail, including bids used to win the auction and the final sale price.
Once the auction is over, the last bidder pays the final price, and the item is shipped!
If you bid on an auction and lose, you can use 100% of the cost of the paced bids toward the purchase of that item.