Growing up in the Bronx, Donna Jarrett witnessed firsthand the sacrifices needed to raise a family, thanks to her hard working parents. Their dedication to their children lay the foundation for Donna's future career as a hard working Executive for the last two decades.

In 2008, Donna's entrepreneurial spirit lead to the creation of "It Takes A Village Today" an online marketing company. As founder and CEO, Jarrett offers exposure to small businesses which struggle to be heard in the crowded media landscape.

Donna's relentless drive to pursue excellence has made her a sought after speaker for youth and business leaders alike. She's the proud recipient of the Heroes of Humanity award from the Rockland County Commission on Human Rights.

With a passion for the arts. Donna produced a highly acclaimed Off Broadway show which ran for two months. Her involvement in the budgeting, talent bookings and auditions is what gave "It Takes A Village Today, the zealousness to pursue other areas of business.

Donna now adds author to her extensive list of accomplishments. "You're Not My Mommy!" WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother, recounts her personal experience of love, marriage and living in a very modern family dynamic.

Donna currently resides in New York and is newly married.