High-End Fashion Designers International Representation

For many years now, Latin America has been an incubator for some the greatest fashion designers from around the world.  But it was not until recently that fashion critics worldwide discovered the best-kept secret of the industry--a Spanish-speaking continent with superb talent and a unique, world-class creative style.

During my time as Vice President of International Marketing at the Dallas Market Center back in 2007, I had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and innovative Latin-American fashion designers of our time.  They shared with me the dreams that inspired their creations and the philosophy behind their designs.  And after hearing their stories, I fell completely in love with the essence of each of those brands that today -- a few years later -- I  represent.

Representing a fashion designer isn’'t a business; it’'s a passion.  And that passion is what inspired my vision and drives me each day to put my heart and soul into telling their story to retailers and consumers, so that they can enjoy the uniqueness -- as I do -- of Latin-American high-end fashion design... and the magic of the stunning pieces that define it.

Ivonne KInser