Izone Corp, a black and immigrant-owned consulting firm, specializes in urban planning and strategy. We're committed to building strong communities and cities, offering tailored solutions to organizations and government agencies. Our approach integrates data, people, and place, ensuring informed decisions and impactful strategies.

Commitment to Equity:
Equity is central to our work. We address societal disparities with inclusive solutions, aiming for equitable community development.

Vision and Mission:
We envision a more equitable, prosperous future, providing innovative strategies for urban planning and enhancing constituent well-being. Our mission is to empower communities and cities, turning analysis into actionable insights.


Equity: Focused on inclusive, fair solutions.
Excellence: Striving for top-tier service and client interactions.
Innovation: Embracing change for better solutions.
Collaboration: Working together for shared goals.
Integrity: Upholding honesty and ethics.
Impact: Measuring success by positive community changes.
Contact Us:
Join us in shaping a better future. Contact Izone Corp for collaborative, impactful urban planning solutions.

Mission Statement:
"Transforming Cities, Empowering Communities" – We're dedicated to fostering strong, proud communities through holistic, data-driven solutions.