Jaarwis has developed a comprehensive accelerator program for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups with on-site rapid deployment capability comprising over 80 engineers, business professionals and Mentors. Through our rapid deployment expertise, Jaarwis Accelerator aims to help only the best and most promising entrepreneurs drive a startup concept into a viable product over the shortest period of time possible.

As the pit-crew of Startups, Jaarwis Accelerator becomes a rapid deployment partner. Our Startups come in after pre-determined laps so that our expert team can re-tune and re-equip them with the right set-up immediately. No loss of traction; no loss of money or resources.

Carefully nurtured, the Startups will have daily access to our engineers, marketing and business professionals as well as the Mentors needed for a successful rapid deployment. No second-guessing, no wastage of time.