WideCircles aka Wide Circles Inc. introduces Press Release  

This new change allows you to submit your press release via human publishers to large number of free press release websites in short amount of time to generate the buzz about your business.

WideCircles aka Wide Circles Inc. represents relevant, distributed, highly targeted and efficient internet word of mouth marketing using entertaining or informative messages that are designed to be passed along in an exponential fashion.

Utilizing global human publishing power combined with our unique computer software algorithms and systems Wide Circles can track and deliver large amounts of relevant internet traffic to your website quickly and help with your SEO process by building intelligent links.

WideCircles aka Wide Circles Inc. is one of a kind, advertisement delivery platform that utilizes social network mediums and avoids the issues related to pay per click fraud. Our publishers convey the message about advertiser product or service, including a link to advertiser website on a variety of highly related and visited forum, blog and other types of websites utilizing our highly successful Social Signature posting approach.