Up and coming fashion photographer Jade Hannah. What makes her different? Focused on creating art and bringing this back to the mainstream market, who also dares to push the envelope and be bold.

This trip will be documented via video-blog which those who donated will gain access to. This will include the shows I go to the trips I take, and behind the scenes from fashion shoots.

Video attached is a dose of what will come on the video blog.

What makes you different Jade?
I am not afraid to show the world who I am and tell these stories through my work. I enjoy being bold and making people laugh, cry and see the image for what it really is, a story.

Why the fashion industry?
I love fashion and the art of visual communications.The fashion industry has been driven by commercialization for so long, and at such a fast speed that its lost its sense of art. Every girl a number, every photographer a puppet, every stylist a salesman, and every collection a small splash in a pond filled with frogs. I want more variety, dare to stand out and do something different.

What do you bring forth that many others cannot?
Every photo will have a reason and story behind it describing the meaning and feelings that are needed to get to the client to help them relate to the photo in turn giving value to both the brand and consumer.

The modern world has lost its artists and given in to commercialization. Problem is that many artists don't have the business thinking so the artists die out. I have a combination of these two worlds and can give them both value.