JAFTAC is a newly opened business established on February 14, 2013.

> Vision

“Connect to the world – Japan”

We vision Japan as a country full of skillful Japanese people ready to welcome the world in their own expertise. JAFTAC wants Japanese people specially the young ones to:
     Be globally competitive with their respective fields.
     Be transnational
     Have knowledge with other culture and to be able to communicate effectively with foreign nationals by being fluent in the English language.


JAFTAC’s mission is to provide fast and high quality services dedicated to promote globalization in Japan. JAFTAC will help Japanese people by venturing in three business fields namely: Trading, Internship, and Information technology.

     Internship – to provide services to help Japanese experience studying and working (training) abroad.
     Trading – to promote Japanese goods around the world.
     Information technology – to promote globalization with the use of high technology particularly web technology.