I started jamesgang creative communications in 2005 to collaborate with clients, colleagues and agencies in order to develop and implement "marketing solutions that drive results." Having spent my career around words, I am now offering editing and author support services, including help with websites and publicity for self-publishing writers. I have edited and produced two books, "Don't Be a Cow!" and "More than You Can Handle," and "More..." as an ebook for Kindle. I also created and manage the website, DontBeaCow.Com.

** Ghostwriting ** Self publishing support ** Editing & Formatting ** Now available

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-Branding and communications audits
-Branding proposals
-Budgets and management
-Slogans, Positioning Taglines
-Web content, SEO and Link writing
-Video Scripts, Presentations, Speeches, White Papers
-Editing, Publishing layout and production, Kindle production
-Author support services (createspace, Amazon)
-Strategic communications audits & plans
-Media relations
-News release writing, keyword development
-On line distribution
-Social media campaigns (FB, Twitter, YouTube)
-Facebook page management
-WordPress site management