"Where do we begin? James is a driven and committed person who does not give up. He has been investing in real estate since he was in his early 20's and has acquired great experience and knowledge. Over the years with a young family to take care of James began a career as manager and owner of several restaurants. Soon after James began a lucrative career in furniture consulting and design. As James began staging homes and designing lifestyles  he acquired more & more investment properties over the years. He has learned how to rehab and resell properties for a profit just like those guys on HGTV.  Now 25 years later with both children  in college it is time for James to  commit in helping others with what he has learned and share his expertise with young families, second home owners and individuals. James is committed to providing the very best service you can get from a "REALTOR. "  Please visit him at JamesKempski.com