Jam’s Space Radio is a commercial free Reggae/Rock stream. Founded in March 2010 by Jim 'Jam' Dupont, his aim was to use Jam's Space as a place to showcase pictures and videos from live shows as well as links to band websites and upcoming events.

In July of 2010 Nathan ‘Ello’ Reimnitz (a web developer & serial entrepreneur) partnered with Jim, and after a month of sleepless nights Jam’s Space Radio was launched (August 2010).

On January 24th 2011, the Jam’s Space stream was added as iTunes first Reggae/Rock station. As of October 15th 2012 their listeners had collectively spent over 11.5 years 'tuned in' to their station streaming over 1.5 million songs!

The mission statement of Jam’s Space is 'Connecting Fans to Bands'. "When you visit our website you'll find multiple ways to connect with the Artists” says Nathan. Jam's Space also encourages their fans to purchase the music they love via iTunes by clicking the iTunes link next to each song when browsing Albums 'On Demand'.

Though the the prospect of having there own internet radio was very exciting, it was with the help of Wavestreaming that they knew could make this work. “Once we found out about Wavestreaming and the tools they provide Jam's Space Radio was born” says Nathan.

They recall not knowing what to expect when launching Jam’s Space Radio, "I equated it to running on the front steps naked ... What if nobody cares?" said Jim. The attention they have received since going 'live' has exceeded the duo's wildest expectations. Jim also added that he believes one major reason Jam’s Space found its success so quickly is being 100% commercial free.

Nathan praises the Pro Player Suite for the help and professional feel it has for Jam’s Space Radio. “If we didn't have the Wavestreaming player we would not have an online radio station, period! The professional look with album art on the player has helped our station tremendously. Wavestreaming provides the best online radio service hands down, their tools were easy to set up and configure".

When setting up Jam’s Space, they were lucky not to encounter any teething problems that many have when starting an internet radio station. They were also lucky that Nathan has a technical background. So, with the help of Wavestreaming's tools and Nathan's technical knowledge, Jam’s Space Radio was set up over night.

The Jam’s Space website is also a great asset to the station and is a large part of their success story. “We believe that our website is the cornerstone to our online successes” adds Nathan. “By continually posting new content, we give our fans a reason to check back each and every day. In fact over 10% of our website visitors have returned over 100 times while 7% have returned over 200 times (As of Oct. '12)".