Congratulations to Debra Veal following her successful crossing of the Southern Ocean this winter.  Arguably best known for rowing solo across the Atlantic (yes, the one who continued alone when her oarsman husband dropped out) Debra endured freezing temperatures during her 6 week voyage, arriving in Wellington NZ mid-January. Debra told The Right Address, â��The Southern Ocean is the â��Big Daddyâ�� of all oceans in sailing terms and rounding Cape Horn was fantastic.  But what made it a truly unique voyage was sailing with a crew of novices drawn from all walks of life, including a CEO, nurse, banker, PA and IT consultant. It really was a unique study into leadership and teamwork in the most testing of conditions.â��
Adventurer, business woman, TV presenter and author, Debra is also one of the most popular female motivational and after dinner speakers on the circuit due to the high level of repeat bookings and referrals she receives. She is not a motivational speaker reliant on buzz words, hype and jargon. Her main themes are how to stay motivated, being adaptable to change, overcoming obstacles, how to improve your team-work and how to choose the right attitude, however impossible the end goal may seem.  

You can also see Debra on BBC1 from the second week in February, fronting a new series for the BBC called �Builders, Sweat and Tears�.