JAPANDUHOC.COM - Are you curious about the life and experiences of studying in Japan? If so, keep reading! I am a self-sufficient international student, so if you are like me, please refer to the following things to focus on!

- First, you need to determine the school with a tuition rate that is suitable for your family and your financial ability, to avoid choosing a school with too high tuition.

- The second is to explore how the school's entrance requires, which school is suitable for their abilities.

- Next is the content of training in the lecture hall, how the school's scholarships, what the facilities are, ...

- Finally, is the school location convenient with the location you live or not.

These are things that I have developed before coming to Japan. Next is the presentation about life while studying and working. My body is very small, only 40 kg, so suitable learning by doing for me is a great effort. The Japanese rarely ride motorbikes. Vehicles are mainly bicycles, buses and trains. I work as a waiter for a low restaurant, the salary is not too high, but I can afford to live.

I can only work up to 28 hours / week. so I made an effort to make the weekdays to spend time with myself, friend. For you to study abroad and work here, you must have a good exchange to apply for a job! Otherwise, the owners will not accept it.

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