JASA FINE ART GALLERY  Artwork that  challenge the mind, thereby allowing viewers to interpret their own feelings on the images they see. Retail and wholesale. Residential and commercial. Trade Welcome.
JASA was born and raised on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. He attended Stetson University where he obtained his BS degree in Digital Arts with an emphasis in 3D animation.  After graduation, JASA moved to Miami circa 2002 and after several years in the post-production industry, decided to explore his entrepreneurial skills in a different arena.  JASA founded a thriving technology services company that provides internet, voice and managed IT solutions to commercial, residential, and hospitality businesses. Although happy with his career, his yearning for artistic expression since childhood had never waned.
JASA started shooting pictures with his old DSLR camera and immediately resurrected his long-standing passion to create art. JASA began capturing areas of colors, textures, patterns, shapes, structures and perspectives, merging all of these elements to create surreal images from actual “objects or places”.  Most of his artwork can be challenging to “guess” what it actually is, thereby allowing viewers to interpret their own feelings on the images they see.  
He does not edit or “photoshop” his images for imperfections and instead, he develops them using Adobe Lightroom. The process he implements is specifically limited to only a few altering attributes: cropping, contrast, saturation, hue, color and levels. To enhance the viewers’ experience and in some cases signal the setting in which the image was photographed, JASA’s prints on various mediums. These can include various type of photo paper, wood, canvas, or aluminum - custom framed, or other.