What's happening right now, with Jason Patrick? Jason Patrick is an American Singer/Song Writer, Actor, and Fashion Model who began singing in his junior high school show choir.

Debut Album, 'Tryin' To Fly,' available on iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody, presented by Tate Music Group, with performance artist management by UR SUPERMODELS, and creative, image, and brand career management by Asha Spacek, this outgoing, personable, and sometimes comedic young entertainer is on the brink of crossing over various genres, demographics, and a mix of traditional and innovative career announcements.

Open to international and national collaborations, campaigns, interviews, editorials, live performances, and more, Jason Patrick is more than music!

“Inspired by his life’s journey and the legendary Michael Jackson, Jason Patrick brings to you his debut album ‘Tryin’ To Fly.’ An album filled with pop/rock/alternative music that carries a powerful message for all those that listen.”

Full bio available via the artist website: http://www.jasonpatricknow.com/biography
Twitter (the artist): @thejasonpatrick
Twitter (general/music): @jasonpatricknow
videos/interviews: youtube.com/jasonpatricknow
email: bookjp@ursupermodels.com
career mananager/creative producer/image stylist: asha spacek 773.315.9344