The Jewelry and Watch Scoring System (JAWSS.org) is an Internet based company that provides Jewelery ratings and watch ratings to consumers and retailers. JAWSS.org is committed to providing consumers with unbiased ratings and reviews about jewelry manufacturers, watch manufactures, jewelry lines and specific jewelry pieces. Until now the jewelry industry has remained almost completely free of professional reviews and ratings. Jawss.org is here to change all that. Jawss.org is dedicated to providing excellent data that will allow consumers to make informed buying decisions when they are considering buying a piece of jewelry.

Jawss.org is an Internet company that has created an easy to use jewelry search engine for consumers. For a nominal fee consumers or retailers can sign up and read reviews on any of the jewelry lines or jewelry pieces that are in the database. All reviews are placed into the system by certified appraisers and jewelry experts who are constantly rating and reviewing jewelry manufactures and jewelry lines on behalf of Jawss.org. These are professional, anonymous, unbiased reviews.

In addition, anyone is able to join Jawss.org and place free reviews of their jewelry or watches into the consumer review section. This provides a valuable community where jewelry lovers can explain why they love the pieces that they have purchased. This review feature is completely free. Once consumers place reviews they will then be forwarded to the manufacture to provide greater transparency and improved products in the future.

Jawss.org is the brainchild of Louis Valentine, who has worked within the jewelry industry for 13 years. He is the co-founder of GemFind.net and the co-founder of Verichannel.com. Mr. Valentine in also the inventor of the Daily Diamond Report and the patent-pending Diamatch Networks. In all his endeavors Mr. Valentine has sought to bring the jewelry industry into the modern age using the Internet and modern communications. Jawss.org is Mr. Valentine’s first large scale project dedicated to consumers rather than to businesses within the jewelry industry. The idea is to provide consumers with knowledge and an understanding of jewelry and jewelry manufacturing. Mr. Valentine wants consumers to understand why one piece of jewelry is more valuable than another before they buy.

Jewelry reviews are valuable because the design and manufacture of a jewelry piece affects how comfortable the piece is to wear, how it will hold up to wearing over time and how the piece will appreciate or depreciate. Gemstones and metal marks have existed for centuries to rate the basic value of precious materials. However, a great piece of jewelry is more than the basic materials. In many cases jewelry pieces are also works of art. In other cases the manufacture of the piece may actually endanger the precious stones they are meant to display. Jawss.org ratings and reviews let users into this complex world of value and help them to understand why two similar pieces of jewelry can sell for significantly different prices.