My name is Jay Valencia, a chef and creative artist of Spanish, Italian and Native American heritage. Green chile has been part of my breakfast for forty-seven years. My grandmother and mother have literally shown me to be more of a great chef than anything I've learned elsewhere. In 2009, Woody Harrelson inspired me to create a vegan sauce for his premiere party for the movie The Messenger. I was lucky enough to be working for my best friend Scott Scheidt at his fantastic Spanish tapas restaurant during that period of time. Since then I have created something inspired by that night but now can be produced and sold as a product that is scalable and marketable. I have been learning as I go. Canning, business, state and local fees and regulations and I share that info with whomever I can because it is not easy or forthcoming. It's a great life sharing and making Pintxo Sauce in the spirit of conviviality and the new Danish word, hygge. It simply means that getting together comes first. Sharing food and enjoying life are integral to pure happiness. My first core value.