JAZZEDGE was founded by Berklee College of Music graduate and serial entrepreneur Willie Myette. Piano and drum lessons for all levels, in a variety of styles, are available via DVD and online memberships. Jazzedge sites include: http://www.pianowithwillie.com, http://www.homeschoolpiano.com and http://www.drumswithwillie.com.

PianoWithWillie is designed for pianists of all levels to learn how to get to the next level in their playing. With a library of over 300 lessons, students can choose lessons for beginners to professionals in styles of jazz, blues, latin, rock, funk and gospel.

HomeSchoolPiano is a perfect solution for anyone who is looking to learn the piano. The online, video-based lessons make it easy for beginner of all ages to play the piano within 30 days or less.

DrumsWithWillie follows a 6-step cycle to make it easy for students of all levels to master the drums. By laying a foundation based upon tested musical standards, students will enjoy success at the drums faster.