Tired of scrolling through hours of free online guitar lessons only to end up disappointed at the quality of the product. Jazzguitarlegend.com is the home of Dixon Nacey and has 100's video lesson uniquely designed to teach you how to play jazz guitar. For the past 20 years Dixon Nacey has taught 1000's of guitarists to play jazz guitar and is available for online jazz guitar lessons at jazzguitarlegend.com. As a membership site members are able to learn jazz guitar via video lessons on a range of topics including: chord comping, jazz guitar improvisation,  jazz standards, jazz scales and techniques and more.

Jazzguitarlegend.com is also premium membership site where Dixon Nacey gives his students a "lesson of the week" this is lesson is jam packed with how-to answers from the jazz guitar community. Members in the community are able to ask questions and have them answered online by a qualified jazz guitar teacher.

Dixon Nacey spends most of his time these days teaching Jazz Guitar at university lesson where he is the course facilitator for the Jazz Guitar Degree and Auckland University. This has given Dixon the opportunity to work with jazz guitar students at a high level. This experience has enabled him to produce, unique and tested lesson content that is not readily available on the internet today.