Wherever you are on the globe, JBaxterDC Web Solutions provides services for all of your website needs. From business sites to meet today's all-important E-Commerce demands, to personal pages for blogging and photo sharing, let JBaxterDC provide you with solutions for domain name registrations, web hosting, web marketing, website building,  E-Commerce solutions and secure SSL technologies. Let us help you find a personalized website name and domain, and assist with website design. With these unique products, you can be online in minutes.
JBaxterDC Web Solutions was founded by Jason Boucher in 2013. After many years in medical practice marketing, I took my passion for for marketing and web development to a new level. By forming JBaxterDC, my goal is to simplify web domain registration and offer my expertise and experience to those wishing to expand their web presence. From your first website to expanding your current site with a new or additional domain, I have cutting edge and affordable options for you.  

It pains me that even today, there are people intimidated by the internet. So many businesses don't have a web presence, because they think it's too time consuming, too complicated or too expensive. My products make it simple, easy and affordable. Even the most simple website is better than not having one at all. You can not rely on social media to be your only online presence either; you have little control over the content, any ads that may appear or what comments are made on it. A robust website that you control to engage your visitors-both potential and established-is a crucial facet in maintaining your company's image.

People ask 'Why JBaxterDC'? Simple! J for Jason, my name. Baxter is not my last name, but since no one can pronounce "Boucher' I went with my old dog's name, and I'm located in the DC metro area. I'm 100% Bostonian, but don't have the accent. I will, however, tell you to 'pahk tha cah in Havhid Yahd' if you insult Bostonian's driving or the Boston Bruins.