Web Design
Organizations, especially small businesses these days not only need a functioning website, but they need to stay on the cutting edge and need to give their customers confidence and a great first impression.  

JB Web Creations specializes in giving you that cutting edge website that will have your customers talking.  Our experience in layout and functionality combined with your insight will make for a powerful partnership while working together.  

Regardless if your site is for a small-medium sized business, an e-commerce business, a non-profit organization, a sports team, or even a website dedicated to your pet we will work with you to create a website you and JB Web Creations are proud of.

How We Do It?
We combine graphic design and traditional web programming with new Content Management System software (called Joomla) that is installed on your web hosting providers server.  This allows you in the future, greater control over the content of your site.  If you can type an email, you can change your content.  It's that easy!

Control over your Site
During your working relationship with JB Web Creations we purposely setup a website that is virtually a copy of what the final result of your website will be.  We do this for a three reasons:

You get to see the working progress of your website.
To allow for collaboration with JB Web Creations so that we both can give different ideas a try.
To learn how you can change your website in the future.
Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

Once you have that great new looking, functional site that from JB Web Creations you need to establish the best possible reach.  

Having your site optimized for major search engines like Google and Bing is something that we can do for you.  The goal is to be the first site you see when a search query is entered.  When you type in "JB Web Creations" the first result should indeed be "JB Web Creations."  Your organization deserves the best reach possible and by letting JB Web Creations work for you it can happen.  

Publication Design

In need of a fresh new look for your organization?  
Maybe you're in the stages of starting your own business?

JB Web Creations is your solution.  We will sit down with our clients and listen to every specific need they may have when it comes to brand and image.  We all know that a striking first impression will entrench itself into the consumers' mind and generate business and traffic to your company or organization.  Our team will design that very image you're after, but we will also be able to provide you with a creative array of business products like business cards, letterheads, or envelopes that will extend that brand image in your everyday dealings.

We have had a number of clients us to create that great first impression as you can see when you visit the Portfolio link under the Publication Design menu.

Please be sure to take a look at our Packages under the Publication Design menu link.