TECHTEAMSUPPORT.COM  Is Igniting The Internet With It's
                    Unique, Unmatched and Unlimited “Peace of Mind Warranty”!  
              Techteamsupport.com's service plan ignites the internet by providing consumers with a unique solution to complex computer issues faced by businesses and individuals alike. This Unmatched Service Plan called  “Peace Of Mind Warranty”entitles the client to one ( 1) full year of UNLIMITED PC / LAPTOP  service and repairs, also allowing quick and easy remote online access to their clients computer system. Therefore, eliminating the need for the consumer to take their PC or Laptop to a computer repair facility.            
               The other unique feature is that the client has unlimited access to technical
support. Professionals as well as individual can have the peace of mind that technical
support is readily available. This service is an essential tool as more and more businesses as well as individuals rely on the use of technology such as computers, laptops, and networking systems. Tech Team Support's Peace Of Mind Warranty featuring it's unique  remote software is not limited or bound by local areas, in fact, it works on a global scale.  All this for only one (1) unbelievable, affordable annual flat rate.    
                 Most service plans provided by retail stores usually do not cover software related issues, such as problems arising from the computer's operation system or problems occurring due to corruption caused by spy ware etc. The Peace Of Mind Warranty covers almost everything, even hardware configurations or networking problems encountered by the consumers. As Anthony Watson,  the creator of this service and owner of techteamohio.com points out: “Obtaining this service is like owning your own technical support team.” If you would like to interview Mr. Watson, please call the Tech Team Ohio, LLC and ask about the
“PEACE OF MIND WARRANTY” at  866-450-7272 or 614-714-7272